Artist’s Statement

I see abstraction as  an interpretation of reality and when I started dealing with it, I had to accept burrowing through my wild.

I use abstract painting as a catalyst for intuitions  to take  distance from the real and investigate it.

I am  completely instinctive in the first part of my realisations  to better  dig out  of them a sensible content.

I  then introduce  on the   free flowing,  a figurative element which is  an abstract for the story,   a symbol for the feeling.

If sensations are too confused to be represented,  I will contain them in geometrical shapes that testify my own resistance against emotional deliquescence.

The concrete element  allows me to inhabit my work but  it’is not a guide for the viewer as it doesn’t command interpretation.

It is, in fact, a partial abstraction whose signification is left up to everybody  to find.

I’m determined to create without methodology nor anticipation in order to avoid theatricality, bluff and repetition.

I don’t intend to  intend, since intention is a form of confinement, as are all  a priori notions.

However, similar colours, shapes and impressions are often coming back.

They speak for my light and not light  founding elements: stained glass windows of all the churches where my mother was an organist, holy pictures my great grand-ma would show me endlessly,  memories of our home, destroyed by property developers after they forced us to go by setting the house on fire …

The sum of all my lives and  its resulting associations give my creations a coherence I have no control on.

Beyond shapes and shades, I am telling a story that  I would like others to take  over to juxtapose their own with it.

I paint hungrily and don’t like to be slowed down by a missing colour or a drying pause.

This is why mixed media are perfect to me as I dip into whatever is there to express myself rapidly.

About Me

I was born in Nice, half french, half italian, like my beautiful city.
My “coming out”, as an artist, is quite recent.
Though I always had, from my early years, reproduced what I imagine, traducing facts and emotions into symbolic images, I usually was disppointed with the result. What I had in mind was so much more beautiful that I would even prefer to put it down in words, on a sheet of paper …one day I would learn how to draw, how to paint.

I first did what I was expected to, studied (languages and journalism), worked, travelled and had plenty of children …until I met an enthusisastic painter. He was very found of my little drawings coloured with felt-pens, and encouraged me to show them around. Thanks to him, I started to dedicate some time to what I liked most and attended art classes from 2008 to 2011. I  now prefer to work alone to avoid being  influenced.

Practising abstract, as a way to improve my handling the colours, I discovered how liberating and expressive abstraction is. In fact, creating in different styles allows you to externalize a larger scale of feelings. Therefore.. my gallery is not homogeneous.

Under my name of Da Ros, I participated to:

  • Two MCA Cannes-Azur international art prizes in 2010 and 2012, where I was awarded succesively with a golden and a great golden medal
  • Two United Nations sponsored ALAF exhibitions in Aquitaine, ” Art Forêt ” and ” France- Mexique” in 2011.
  • In 2013, I was selected for, and attended,  the New Florence Biennale in Firenze.

After I changed my name in Breda (my grandmother’s name), I attended:

  • the Berliner Liste in 2015,
  • the international Béziers art fair in 2016,
  • the “Big city” accrochage in gallery2 Berlin 2016

Six of my works have been selected to be shown on screen at the Saatchi gallery in London.